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Any Agent AI App

AnyAgent AI App is a platform to set up customizable AI assistants for individuals and business teams.

You can set up your own AI-agent with NoCode:
  •  Provide Name and Knowledge Base
  • Set up where it should work – Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, Email and others.
  • Agent operates in any language.
  • Could be tailored to specific tasks.
  • Secured against hacking (prompt injections)
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Our Products

Jill White AI Summary

Save time by getting insightful summaries from your meetings + super-clean transcripts!

  Use Cases:
  • Getting summary and transcript of voice messages in Telegram and WhatsApp
  • Getting summaries from recordings, meetings, videos, YouTube, Podcasts, etc.
  • Organizing thoughts directly into organic ed text for emails, presentations, or notes.
  • Automated call summaries for managers or other team members to quickly grasp the content of customer conversations.
  • Quality assurance of employee calls
  • Used in sales or support departments, integrates via API into CRM systems
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